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Why should you buy from Gizmo4Sale?

We like all new electronic products, toys. We like to try, use and recommend them. So, we want to make sure every product has a quality guarantee from Gizmo4Sale Team. You can count on us for continually developing new products line and more popular, quality gadgets and latest toys.

Every product we sell comes with a warranty and you can find our customer support online during business hours.

UL Safety Certified
Gizmo4sale hoverboards comply with all US safety guideline. The UL 2272 label can be found at the bottom of the hoverboard, it guarantees the safety of the battery.

Hoverboard for all age.

Our 6.5" hoverboard is good for kids and adults. Please note each product has weight limit and requirement.

Kids under 40 Lbs and under 6 years old. For their safety, we don't suggest them using the hoverboard.

If you want product can hold the weight more than 180 lb, we would recommend you to check out 8.5" all-terrain hoverboards.

Every hoverboard product has slightly function feature differences.
You can check the product specification for more detail.

Best Gift Idea
The hoverboard is a popular birthday gift for kids and teenagers. Even some adults are impressed by this trendy products. We have received many comments from customers, they all like the idea of sending hoverboard a gift for their kids, grandkids. Happiness is priceless.

Amazing LED Lighting
The LED lights have multiple colors, shines on fender and wheels on most hoverboard models.

Free Hassell return and 1 year limited parts warranty.

Shipping to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska

Gizmo4sale shipping Hoverboards to Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska. Please allow 3-7 Business Days for shipping.