Xprit Hoverboard C1 Plus Silver Free Shipping

Xprit Hoverboard C1 Plus Silver Free Shipping

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Xprit 6.5" C1 Plus Hoverboard Purple,

  • Self-Balancing Smooth Ride
  • UL2272 Certified
  • LED Indicators
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

Introducing Electric 2 Wheel Scooter:

Want to add thrill and excitement to your commute? Want to find a really cool way to turn heads when you pass by? Then hop on this one of a kind, and specially designed Xpirit C1 Plus hoverboard that offers a thrilling, exciting and safe way to cruise around. Boasting of some of the most sophisticated features, this self-balancing scooter is the ideal companion for a variety of activities like coasting, racing, commuting and the likes.

High Tech

Expect nothing but cruise control and maneuverability with all the acuity of close control that you would expect of a self-balancing scooter. The Xpirit C1 Plus comes with a battery life monitor so you can always tell how much juice you have left. Fender bumpers have also been installed for seamless movement and control, regardless of the terrain or road.


Indoor or outdoor – do your thing anywhere with this hoverboard. The Xpirit C1 Plus comes with cutting-edge technology that is capable of taking you anywhere without problems. Whether you are running errands in the neighborhood, heading to see a friend who stays close or just goofing around at home, hop in and enjoy the ride.


This hoverboard is built to last and take the everyday smash and hit. Constructed for immense strength with a robust steel casing, and a shatter-resistant frame. Ride this hoverboard with confidence, because it's actually built to last.


If this going to be your first hoverboard ride, then it's only normal for the nerves to creep in. However, rest easy because this hoverboard has some of the most advanced safety features to allay your fears. The Anti-slip rubber foot platforms ensure that you stand firmly and your foot stands firmly on the hoverboard, while the LED indicators are there to guide you at night.

The experience is better felt than reading. What’s the holdup? Place your order now!

Bullet Points:

  • Running Distance: The battery on this hoverboard can take you for an incredible distance of 12 miles. Once the battery is nearing empty, an indicator will let you know so you know when to throttle down to have a quick charge.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Seamlessly connect your hoverboard with your tablet or phone so you can change modes, use your maps, see the battery level and even listen to your favorite radio station on the go. Once you install the app, you’re good to go.
  • Certified – This self-balancing scooter is UL2272 certified, which means that it has passed all the standard safety test it has been subjected to and it has been declared good to go!
  • Flawless Ride – Cruise in style with the Anti-slip pedals that have been engineered to maintain balance at all times by adjusting to your body weight. It takes a short while to balance things out, but once it does, it's smooth cruising all the way.
  • Safer at Night – Visibility problems at nighttime have always been an issue, which is why this hoverboard features bright, built-in LED indicators to illuminate your path and make you clearly visible to others at night.

We are deeply concerned about your safety. Therefore we advise that you wear a form of safety protection when you use the hoverboard.

Feature UL certificated battery; 
Battery Type: 36V*4.4AH(158WH) lithium battery
Maximum load capacity: 180 lbs
Maximum Speed: 6 - 8 Miles/hour
Tire Size: 6.5 inch
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Bluetooth: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Charging Power: AC100-240V/50-60HZ

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