Xprit Red 8.5" Wheel All Terrain Hoverbard with Bluetooth

Xprit Red 8.5" Wheel All Terrain Hoverbard with Bluetooth

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Are you not interested in having to take every step around town? Then the Xprit 8.5" Wheel Hoverboard with Bluetooth makes a fantastic pick-up. This trendy toy designed to help provide a self-balancing transport solution around town, you can get around just about any normal city environment with ease. It’s also designed for off-road use, too, with an easy shift of the body causing you to start and stop with ease.

With speeds of up to 12 miles per hour, too, this can carry you around to where you need to go much faster than you could by your feet.

Durable Design for All-Round Engagement

The solid, thick casing and stylish rubber wheels keep the Xprit 8.5" Wheel Hoverboard with Bluetooth on-the-go with ease. Able to withstand regular, repeat usage with maximum loads of 220 lbs, this hoverboard makes an excellent transport solution. Great for scooting around town or venturing into outdoor locations, too, this removes some of the challenges involved in getting around.

All you need to do is move your body slightly in the direction that you wish to go. Compared to riding a bike or most conventional man-maneuvered transport solutions, this is a piece of cake!

With a maximum distance of 12-15 miles depending on speed prior to charge, you can get around with ease. Need to climb a steep hill? This can climb as much as 17-degrees in an outdoor environment. It’s the perfect solution for the tech-savvy traveler looking to ease the strain on their legs.

Note: Please wear adequate knee, elbow, and head protection when using the Xprit 8.5" Wheel Hoverboard with Bluetooth.

High-quality UL certificated 350W lithium battery.
Charged via AC100-240V/50-60Hz.
Charge time 2-3 hours, use time 3-4 hours.
220lbs maximum capacity
12mph speeds provided.
8.5” durable rubber tires.
Strong body for adequate protection and repeated use.
Bluetooth and speaker systems enabled.
Aluminum body.
Color Option: Carbon Fiber, Red.

Safety is our top priority. We suggest our customers wear safety protection while using hoverboard.

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