X1 - 8 Inch Black Hoverboard Longer Battery and UL Certified

X1 - 8 Inch Black Hoverboard Longer Battery and UL Certified

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X1 8 Inch Hoverboard

Make your hoverboard riding with fun, musical and energy saving. This self-balance scooter will not only save energy but also offer you a smooth riding experience. The eye-catching led lights and the Bluetooth speakers add to the benefits of using this hoverboard. X1 8 inch hoverboard comes with durable rubber made tires. In addition, the long-lasting battery makes this hoverboard unique and energy son your way and enjoy your ride.


  • Battery: First things first, we never want our gadgets to run out of juice. However, far-fetched never would sound, the X1 8 Inch Hoverboard comes with a powerful lithium battery, producing 36V 4.0AH, when fully charged, it runs a distance of 8.4 miles or 3 to 4 hours, though that depends upon the weight of the rider.
  • Motor: The motor powers at 2 x 350w and the entire equipment weighs about 28lbs
  • Comfort: The self-balancing scooter has 8 inches unique diamond shape styled tires that are durable and made of rubber, which will provide a comfortable and safe riding experience. The tires are diamond shaped to ensure maximum security and support.
  • Safety: The X1 8 Inch Hoverboard comes with UL (2272) Certification of safety. For more information on UL2272, please visit here.
  • Connectivity: It has Wi-Fi connectivity and is equipped with Bluetooth speakers as well, so you never have to worry about having to ride without music!
  • Material and Dimension: Frame material is of aluminum/alloy, and the hoverboard has the dimensions 27x11x11
  • Weight: The X1 8 Inch Hover Board can carry the maximum weight of 220lbs and cover the above features running at 7.45 mph.

The X1 8 Inch Hover Board has built-in LED lights. It comes in red, gold, blue, and black colors. Moreover, it is sturdy, safe, and energy efficient to provide you with excellent benefits.